About Our Club

The Guadalupe County

Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club

is one of more than one hundred Aggie Moms Clubs across the country. We are organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

“We strive by individual and united effort to contribute in every way to the welfare of the students at Texas A&M University and to cooperate with the University in maintaining a high standard of moral conduct and intellectual attainment….” and we make new friends and have fun in the process!

Aggie Moms are proud, proud of Texas A&M University, proud of the daughters and sons they send to Texas A&M and proud of making a contribution: to the education of their Aggies, to the future of Texas A&M University and to the future of the Great State of Texas.

Our Mission Statement:  As Aggie Moms, our purpose is to support our Aggies, to support each other as mothers of Aggies, and to support Texas A&M University.


Our club meets the third Monday of each month.  Regular monthly meetings held are the 3rd Monday of each month, August through May, omitting December, unless otherwise determined by the club.  Meetings are held at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Marion (see address below) beginning at 6:30pm. Additional Social Meetings may be scheduled throughout the year.  Please see our Events page for more details.

600 South Center Street (FM 465)
Marion, Texas 78124